A 51 Company

A note from Studio 51 Creative Director

My definition of entrepreneurship is creativity in creating new businesses or expanding existing ones with objectives to satisfy clients and customers’ needs, to create jobs, to improve industries of concern, to educate the society, to gain sustainable wealth as well as to share profits with shareholders, investors and the public.

Business Plans

» Setup offices in Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Penang, Langkawi and Labuan
» Setup operation centres in London, Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City
» Employ more dedicated staff
» Invest in real estate, textile, F&B and healthcare
» Showcase Malaysian talents abroad
» Collaborate with local and multi-national corporations for specific services and products
» Establish more partnerships and joint-ventures to enhance output

Our Prominent Clients

» Bolton
» JTA Tour

STUDIO 51 Company Background

STUDIO 51 has been providing quality services since its inception in 2006. Started off as a talent provider in the entertainment industry, STUDIO 51 has steadily expanded its services to management of prestigious events, creative designs, equipment rentals, textile retail, Food & Beverage marketing and not forgetting the latest venture, catering services.

From a humble beginning of operating its business from home, STUDIO 51 has grown tremendously to accommodate high demands and expectations from its esteemed clients and customers. STUDIO 51 is currently based in Kota Damansara, one of the fastest developing areas in Klang Valley after operating for two years at Bukit Jalil.

STUDIO 51 is proud to be the first company incorporated under the flagship of 51 Group. 51 Group comprises of four separate entities and all four corporations are performing extremely well, delivering quality services and providing quality products to their clients and customers. 2012 marks a history for STUDIO 51 when The Company's revenue climbed up to almost MYR 2mil. The biggest portion of the revenue comes from managing high-profile events. This year however, The Company is planning to upgrade its system of working to further enhance its operations with a sole purpose to provide better service to clients and customers. With this enhancement in place STUDIO 51 expects a rise in revenue of up to 50% from last year's.

Going cross-borders is The Company’s aim since its formation. STUDIO 51 has triumphantly engaged in partnership with a number of rapidly developing corporations in South East Asia. This partnership proves to be vital for business expansion and diversification as to cater to demands and market needs.

STUDIO 51 is open to ideas and suggestions on how to improve its services and presentation. From when The Company was formed until now, STUDIO 51 has always listened to comments and feedbacks from clients, customers and the general public. This practice of 'open to ideas' has made The Company approachable, responsive, reliable and trusted over the years.